March/April 2022

Seven Trends Will Shape the Future Public Health Workforce (ASTHO, 2022-04-18)

Disparities in COVID-19 Mortality Rates: Implications for Rural Health Policy and Preparedness (JPHMP, 2022-04-05)

Public health experts urge action before next pandemic wave (Safety BLR, 2022-04-05)

New Survey Shows that Public Health Professionals are Pushed to the Limit (PH Wins, 2022-03-29)


Potential quantitative effect of a laboratory-based approach to Lyme disease surveillance in high-incidence states (CDC Science Clips, 2022-03-22)

With Major Investments From Congress and Technology in Hand, What Will It Take to Make Public Health Data Modernization a Reality? (JPHMP Journal, March/April 2022)

January 2022

Kidney Failure, Emergency Rooms and Medical Debt. The Unseen Costs of Food Poisoning. (ProPublica, 2022-01-19)

A salmonella outbreak sickened more than 60 people at a funeral reception in Texas. Two years later, some of them are still coping with the financial and medical consequences.

Hokyoung Kim, ProPublica

Fauci says there are 5 stages of the COVID pandemic—and we are still in phase 1 (Fortune, 2022-01-18)

Improving the Response to Foodborne Illness Outbreaks (JAMA, 2022-01-18)

Tenfold rise in virus cases leads to more hospitalizations. An average of 42 people a day are dying in L.A. County, the most in almost a year. (LA Times, 2022-01-18)

Poop surfaces as crucial tool to track Twin Cities COVID (MPR News, 2022-01-14)

A Shift Away from Daily COVID Case Counts Has Begun (PEW Stateline, 2022-01-14)

Should You Report Your COVID-19 Home Test Results to Your Local Health Department? (Verywell Health, 2022-01-09)

How to Think About Covid Data Right Now (NY Times, 2022-01-07)

The Public Health Worker Mental Health Crisis—A Major Leadership Challenge
(JPHMP Journal, Jan/Feb 2022)

Evidenced-Based Approaches States and Territories Can Implement to Advance Adult Immunization Uptake During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond (JPHMP Journal, Jan/Feb 2022)

A Qualitative Analysis of Local Health Departments’ Experiences With Contact-Tracing Tools in Response to COVID-19
(JPHMP Journal, Jan/Feb 2022)

Estimates of Cases and Hospitalizations Averted by COVID-19 Case Investigation and Contact Tracing in 14 Health Jurisdictions in the United States (JPHMP Journal, Jan/Feb 2022)

December 2021

As At-Home Tests Surge, Doubts Rise About Accuracy of Public Covid Counts (NY Times, 2021-12-30)

Boosters are the best defense against omicron. But that message isn’t getting through. (ABC News, 2021-12-24)

Why Parents Still Hesitate to Vaccinate Their Children Against COVID-19 (JAMA, 2021-12-15)

In statewide ad, MN hospital leaders warn COVID is overwhelming health care  (MPR News, 2021-12-13)

One woman helped move the needle on Black vaccination in South L.A. She’s ‘Mama Tsega’. (LA Times, 2021-12-10)

KHN and Guardian US Win Award for “Lost on the Frontline” – The Year-Long Investigative Project Chronicles the Lives of More than 3,600 Health Care Workers Who Died of COVID-19. (KHN/Guardian, 2021-12-08)

U-M Health leaders: COVID-19 surge keeping us from delivering lifesaving care, people dying at home (Michigan Health, 2021-12-08)

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy tours King/Drew Magnet High School in Los Angeles before talking to a panel of students about mental health issues

Coronavirus Today: Preventing one health crisis from spawning another (LA Times, 2021-12-07)

Protecting Youth Mental Health

Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times

COVID-19 Hit This County Hard. A Weakened Health Department Still Can’t Get People Vaccinated. (ProPublica, 2021-12-06)


November 2021

Thousands of US Youths Cope with the Trauma of Losing Parents to COVID-19 (JAMA, 2021-11-17)

Taking care of your lungs during COVID and beyond (Michigan Health, 2021-11-03)

Immune Response of Neonates Born to Mothers Infected with SARS-CoV-2 (JAMA, 2021-11-03)


 October 2021

Pregnant, unvaccinated, at risk. Being left out of clinical trials proves harmful for women. (LA Times, 2021-10-13)

Can I get the flu shot and COVID vaccine at the same time? (LA Times, 2021-10-12)

Nevada among last states to add rapid tests to virus tally (ABC News, 2021-10-09)

From “heroes to villains”: Why this Covid surge is different for health care workers (NBC News, 2021-10-04/05)


September 2021

What Happens When the World’s Most Popular COVID-19 Dashboard Can’t Get Data? (TIME, 2021-09-29)

CDC Statement on Pregnancy Health Advisory (CDC, 2021-09-29)

Michigan’s new definition of a COVID-19 school ‘outbreak’ will mean fewer are reported (Detroit Free Press, 2021-09-28)

Cutting through the confusion about kids, teens and COVID19 exposures  (Michigan Health, 2021-09-22)

A Boy went to a COVID-swamped ER. He waited for hours. Then his appendix burst. (ProPublica, 2021-09-15)

What parents should know about school COVID-19 outbreak reporting  (Michigan Radio, 2021-09-09)

Finally, New Federal Cash Will Bolster Public Health Ranks (PEW, 2021-09-03)

To Quarantine or Not: The Hard Choices Schools Are Leaving to Parents and Staff (KHN, 2021-09-01)

August 2021

Children’s hospitals around the country are seeing a surge in COVID-19 patients, including this 2-month-old baby in New Orleans.

At a Children’s Hospital, a Wave of Young Patients Struggling to Breathe (NY Times, 2021-08-27)

Breakthrough Covid Cases: Uncommon and Often Mild, but Not Always (NY Times, 2021-08-26)

Immunocompromised people make up nearly half of COVID-19 breakthrough hospitalizations. An extra vaccine dose may help. (Michigan Health, 2021-08-23)

Despite obstacles, Native Americans have the nation’s highest COVID-19 vaccination rate (LA Times, 2021-08-12)

Texas Hospitals Are Already Overloaded. Doctors Are “Frightened by What is Coming” (NY Times, 2021-08-11)

C.D.C. Recommends Covid Vaccines During Pregnancy (NY Times, 2021-08-11)

With Delta surging, America is dangerously divided over vaccines (LA Times, 2021-08-05)

Characteristics and Outcomes of Women With COVID-19 Giving Birth at US Academic Centers During the COVID-19 Pandemic (JAMA, 2021-08-11)

Influenza’s Unprecedented Low Profile During COVID-19 Pandemic Leaves Experts Wondering What This Flu Season Has in Store (JAMA, 2021-08-11)

Gun Violence Researchers Are Making Up for 20 Years of Lost Time (JAMA, 2021-08-04)

Former anti-vaxxer in Northern California urges vaccinations after entire family struck with COVID-19 (East Bay Times, 2021-08-03)

People who once rejected the vaccine or simply waited too long are now grappling with the consequences, often in raw, public ways.

They Spurned the Vaccine. Now They Want You to Know They Regret It. (NY Times, 2021-07-30, updated 2021-08-04)

Unvaxxed, Unmasked and Putting Our Kids at Risk (NY Times, 2021-08-01)

July 2021

Internal CDC document urges new messaging, warns delta infections likely more severe (Washington Post, 2021-07-29)

After Covid Diagnosis, a Conservative Radio Host Sends a New Message (NY Times, 2021-07-25, updated 2021-08-22)

“Don’t You Work With Old People?” Many Elder-Care Workers Still Refuse to Get COVID-19 Vaccine (ProPublica, 2021-07-23)

June 2021

“Wear a mask. Get vaccinated. Care about others that don’t have the privilege to not care about this virus. You could save someone’s life.”

Andrea Bell, Michigan Medicine patient

A 1-year-old’s journey after severe COVID sickness (Michigan Health, 2021-06-21)

March 2021

When COVID Strikes a Family (Michigan Health, 2021-03-12)

February 2021

Pregnant People’s Paradox – Excluded from Vaccine Trials Despite Having a Higher Risk of COVID-19 Complications (JAMA, 2021-02-24)

January 2021

Doubt, defiance permeate rural fight against COVID (LA Times, 2021-01-18)

November 2020

What Will Persuade People to Take a Vaccine? (Knowledge@Wharton, 2020-11-24)


October 2020

Unsafe to drink: Wildfires threaten rural towns with tainted water (CalMatters, 2020-10-07)

August 2020

At least 48 local public health leaders have quit or been fired during pandemic (Axios, 2020-08-10)

Florida’s Cautionary Tale: How Gutting ad Muzzling Public Health Fueled COVID Fire (KHN / AP, 2020-08-24)

July 2020

 Hollowed-Out Public Health System Faces More Cuts Amid Virus (KHN / AP, 2020-07-01)

Six Takeaways of the KHN-AP Investigation into the Erosion of Public Health (KHN / AP, 2020-07-01)

Why We’re Losing the Battle with Covid-19 (NY Times, 2020-07-14)

I’m an epidemiologist and a dad. Here’s why I think schools should reopen. (VOX, 2020-07-09)

June 2020

Public Health Officials Face Wave of Threats, Pressure Amid Coronavirus Response (KHN / AP, 2020-06-12)

New CSTE Report Highlights Factors Impacting the Availability of Race & Ethnicity Data for COVID-19 (CSTE, April 2022).