Training the next generation of emergency response leaders

CSTE LEAD: Leading Epidemiologists, Advancing Data

Today’s epidemiologists must be able to assert themselves in time of disasters, cutting through deterrents and using their science background to provide reliable information to the public through the media, medical care providers and political leaders.

CSTE will develop a platform to train and epidemiologists with leadership potential to provide them opportunities for an intensive training experience, additional mentorship, exposure to advocacy and public policy, and partnership across states, disciplines, and outside organizations.

Our objective is to provide training for high-functioning epidemiologists in areas they are not usually exposed to — major, fast-moving situations such a new strain influenza pandemics, responses to newly introduced emerging diseases such as COVID-19, West Nile Virus, Hantavirus, Ebola, wildfires, flooding or hurricanes in Haiti and Puerto Rico where large numbers of epidemiologists are needed to protect the population. While business schools train for crisis management, epidemiologists do not typically have this background. Epidemiology leaders need to develop these skills so they can effectively work with the public, news media, community health care providers, medical equipment and supplies vendors, laboratory scientists and political leaders.




Enhance the applied epidemiology workforce with competency-based on-the-job leadership development training for mid-career applied epidemiologists.

Develop leaders for CSTE member-led activities.

Program Framework

Competency-based and objective-focused learning

Evidence-based approaches and theory-based leadership frameworks

CDC Quality Training Standards

Training Topics and Objectives

Becoming a Leader

Motivating a Team

Leading an Organization

Navigating Politics  and Systems Change


When you think of influenza outbreaks, vaccination programs, and public health guidance, cautions and alerts, know that your state and local epidemiologists are your first line of defense and local expertise. Support them through your donations to CSTEF.