The Jeffrey P. Davis Student Scholarship

Information about the Jeffrey P. Davis Student Scholarship


Named in honor of longtime Wisconsin State Epidemiologist and CSTE Past President Jeffrey P. Davis, the CSTE Foundation’s Student Scholarship provides opportunities for public health students to network and learn from applied epidemiologists during CSTE’s Annual Conference. The Scholarship was announced during the 2018 Annual Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, and builds upon the existing CSTE Student Scholarship, which has awarded three student scholarships since 2016. CSTEF plans to increase the number of scholarships awarded with a long-term goal of up to 35 student scholarships awarded annually. Scholarships are competitive and involve coordination with individual colleges and universities.

The Scholarship is managed by a dedicated task force comprised of CSTEF board members, and CSTE staff who design and disseminate the application, and evaluate each scholarship submission. All eligible applicants for the Jeff Davis Student Scholarship should be a current student in a public health program and be a resident of the United States or U.S territories. Ideal scholarship applicants are students with a concentration in epidemiology.

Previous Scholarship Winners:
2019: Heather Bernardo, MPH, University of Illinois at Chicago; Karen Diepstra, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Desiree Esselman, MPH, Colorado School of Public Health; Mirinda Gormley, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University; Meghana Pendurthi Parikh, MPH, Vanderbilt University
2018: Melanie Firestone, MPH, University of Minnesota
2017: Carrie Clippinger, MPH, Penn State College of Medicine
2016: Gabriella Hodges, MPH, University of Kentucky


The Jeffrey P. Davis Student Scholarship is made possible via generous donations to the CSTE Foundation. All donations are considered tax-deductible contributions to the CSTE Foundation, which is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. For more information or to donate, please visit